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Creative Desserts That'll Make Your Wedding Even Sweeter

Creative Desserts That'll Make Your Wedding Even Sweeter

More couples than ever before are serving up options beyond cake at their weddings. Some are even going as far as ditching the multi-tiered wedding cake altogether. Whether you choose an alternative or are just looking to further ignite guests' sweet tooths, there are so many mouth-watering treats to choose from.

Dessert displays have come a long way in recent years and are the second most frequented spot at receptions aside from an open bar. They're also a great way to personalize your Big Day by pulling all of your childhood favorites together, incorporating family recipes, honoring your heritage with a traditional treat, or tying the theme together with a show-stopping display. Here are our best tips and suggestions for creative desserts at your wedding.

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We Can't Get Enough of These Fall Wedding Trends

We Can't Get Enough of These Fall Wedding Trends

There's a crispness in the air, and the trees are starting to change color. Fall is around the corner, and we can't wait for those rich autumn color palettes, warm glowing lights, and all the coziness that comes with fall weddings.

Ready to be inspired? It's prime time for weddings, and we're bringing you the latest trends, from statement-making attire to moody invites and more. Grab a pen because you're going to want to steal some of these ideas.

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Not into Dancing? Try these Alternative Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Not into Dancing? Try these Alternative Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Ever been on a dance floor where everyone starts to crowd around that one person totally tearing it up? Some people have this natural ability to dance like it is nobody’s business, while others can barely get by with a two-step. If you and your partner are in that second camp, not to worry.

With a bit of imagination, there are plenty of ways to have fun beyond dancing. So, whether you’re stuck with two left feet or just not feeling the dance party these days, we’re here with our best list of alternative entertainment ideas.

So, rather than being dragged onto the dance floor, you’ll be living it up in your own way. Let your personality and venue be your guide in choosing what works best for your Big Day. Also, please don’t feel like it has to be one or the other. You’re free to steal one of these suggestions and leave that dance floor intact too.

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30 Personalized Touches That Go Beyond a Wedding Monogram

30 Personalized Touches That Go Beyond a Wedding Monogram

Gone are the days of cookie-cutter celebrations where guests just observe the day of festivities. Today, attending a wedding is about sharing a couple’s love story and becoming a part of it on their big day.

We’re certainly not here to knock wedding monograms or logos; they are classic and still going strong. But it’s time to explore additional ways to leave your mark on your wedding beyond this.

Here are 30 fantastic ideas for creating a wedding as unique as you and your relationship. From personalized touches for your signature drinks to music selections that spark wonderful memories, there's definitely something on this list for you.

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