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We Can't Get Enough of These Fall Wedding Trends

There's a crispness in the air, and the trees are starting to change color. Fall is around the corner, and we can't wait for those rich autumn color palettes, warm glowing lights, and all the coziness that comes with fall weddings.

Ready to be inspired? It's prime time for weddings, and we're bringing you the latest trends, from statement-making attire to moody invites and more. Grab a pen because you're going to want to steal some of these ideas.

Add seasonal fruit to your cake

Photo Credit: Melissa Walker, Unsplash

Textured Wedding Cakes

This season is all about textures and layering, and it only makes sense to incorporate these elements into your cake. Personalize your cake with bold autumn colors and pick a textured cake tier that matches your wedding's overall theme. Think macramé fondant for a boho wedding, tufted "velvet" for a glam feel, leather imprinted for a rustic affair, or mimic a knitted or embroidered fabric for a Cottagecore vibe.

Incorporating seasonal fruits are also a big trend for fall. Scatter purple figs, ripened green pears, and deep berries to add a gorgeous touch to your wedding cake. If flowers are more your thing, upgrade your cake with some moody dahlias in dramatic plum shades.

For cake toppers, go beyond figurines and wooden signs. Add those seasonal vibes with a monogrammed antler, decorative apple slices, or caramelized initials sprinkled in cinnamon.

Earth-Tone Color Palettes

Gone are the days of muted pastels and light color palettes. Staying on-trend for 2021, we expect to see lots of bold, rich colors for fall weddings. Burgundy, terracotta orange, marigold yellow, deep emerald, dusty mauve are prime seasons' colors. Find your inspiration outdoors in nature, and don't shy away from moody or dramatic tones.

Consider also incorporating a pattern or texture into your theme as well to balance the eye. Vintage brass or copper, lush velvets, raw-edged fabric, knits, and natural woods are a great choice. Pair these with natural elements like colorful leaves, wooden branches, acorns, or greenery.

Outdoor Celebrations

Photo Credit: Ben Rosett, Unsplash

Bonfires & Outdoor Celebrations

Given that COVID is still a factor, outdoor weddings continue to be a popular choice. Even with cooler autumn weather, we still don't anticipate this trend dying down. We expect to see a lot more outdoor heaters and blankets.

Get that cozy feeling going with vintage furniture that matches your color palette. Set up baskets of chunky blankets or fleece wraps, and serve coffee, mulled cider, or hot cocoa at your welcome station or ceremony.

Consider a bonfire for roasting marshmallows or an open-fire caterer for a memorable night if your venue allows it. A glistening fire where people can gather around creates the perfect atmosphere for an outdoor autumn celebration.

Incorporate dried flowers

Photo Credit: Chris Haws, Unsplash

Dried & Bleached Flowers

Dry flowers have made a significant impact on wedding flowers; this season, in particular, they are going bolder and more extravagant.

We're talking about impactful displays that incorporate a mix of dried and fresh florists. Floral chandeliers, canopies, arches, wreaths, and backdrops are the perfect pieces for this look. Add twisted branches, glowing foliage, eucalyptus, maple leaves, and orange amaryllis, peonies, and dahlias in vibrant autumn hues.

If monochromatic or a subdued style is your preference, dried baby's breath, bleached amaranths, Phalaris, or pampas grass are other great options. These can also be an elegant option for aisle or chair markers or incorporated into your bridal bouquet. They are perfect for a boho or minimalist wedding. Mix floral textures and ask your florist to create more asymmetrical designs that are less structured and flow more naturally.

If you are looking for a more sustainable option, opt for potters over cut flowers whenever possible. This is an ethical trend that is picking up steam. For fall weddings, terracotta potted plants are not only a green-friendly option but a beautiful way to make your seasonal décor.

Luxe & Colorful Fabrics

This season, color has no bounds, and that includes attire. Both brides and grooms wear less traditional garb and opt for much bolder shades, fabrics, and even patterns. Custom suits are in high demand for Fall 2021.

There's nothing more perfect for the season than a tailored suit in a rich autumn shade like rust orange, burgundy, or teal. Velvet jackets and modern-cut tuxedos are also gaining in popularity. Encourage your partner to not shy away from these bolder looks; it's an opportunity to truly express themselves.

Velvet bridesmaid dresses are another trend with staying power for the fall. It has even branched off into getting-ready attire with rich velvet robes now available in an array of vibrant colors. For brides, consider a faux fur or velvet jacket in case the night gets chilly. Fall is the perfect time to experiment with different light outwear that will add to your overall look.

Consider mixing up your linens or table runners with patterned or textured fabric too. More options than ever before are available, from macramé or embroidered runners to dyed or imprinted velvet tablecloths. If tablecloths are out of your budget, look into swapping napkins in a luxe fabric or hue at the sweetheart or VIP tables instead.

Fall desserts for the win

Photo Credit: Megan Markham, Unsplash

Comfort Food & More Pie, Please

One of our favorite things about fall is the food. This is a season made for dessert, from pumpkin spice to apple cider, cinnamon, gooey marshmallow, and maple. Why not lean into this theme with a seasonal food bar?

Pies, both sweet and savory, are the perfect option. Plus, make them individually mini-sized, and guests will go crazy for this cute yet satisfying treat. You can even opt for this instead of a cake or use it as an edible wedding favor. Other fun ideas are to have mini bundt cakes, a biscuit and jam station, or a candy and caramel apple bar complete with different toppings. Speak to your caterer to incorporate more seasonal flavors into your menu or stations.

Spiced donuts, maple leaf lollipops, apple or pumpkin butter, mulled spices, or maple syrup is other great ideas for edible wedding favors everyone will enjoy. Add a tag that says "fall in love" to keep it on the theme.

Moody invites

Photo Credit: Morgan Rovang, Unsplash

Moody Invites + QR Codes

Romantic, moody invites are very on-trend for the fall. Think botanical themes in rich, dark hues that add a sense of drama. Skip the plain white envelopes and opt for a darker shade like plum, burgundy, or forest green. Up the ante by lining your envelopes with a matching botanical image or velvet or another fabric liner, and match your wedding website to this palette as well to give your suite a unified look.

Incorporate QR codes in your printed invitations so tech-savvy guests can conveniently RSVP online. Over the past year, the use of QR codes has risen, and we predict it's a trend that will carry over into weddings. They're perfect to use for everything from seating charts to menus.

Statement-Making Bridal Wear

Over the last years, brides have been forced to be more flexible with their plans. This circumstance has changed bridal fashions as well. Rather than sticking with traditional dresses, brides are branching out with attire that suits their needs and some that even transform as the night goes on.

Removable shoulder capes or dusters are big this season, giving brides an option for some extra drama during the ceremony that isn't in the way of a good party during the reception. The same goes for overlay skirts that turn your wedding dress into a two-in-one combo. This look can accommodate a more form-fitting dress underneath or even a romper or mini dress option.

Bolero toppers or removable sleeves also add the versatility fall brides are looking for. Rather than the belled sleeves of the past season, we are seeing more billowing sleeves that create a romantic silhouette.

Many brides are also shying away from pure white, opting for nude, ivory, gold, or blush instead. Colorful or floral printed dresses also add to the whimsical wedding that many brides love right now. Whatever bridal attire you choose, rock it with confidence and be sure to accessorize. For fall, we love the idea of a wedding gown worn with bold colored velvet or suede boots.

Pair your look with a dramatic red or berry lip, and wear your hair down if you want to keep on-trend. Try gold highlighter or shadow and accentuate your cheekbones or eyes instead if you prefer something more natural.

Décor that creates a warm atmosphere

Photo Credit: Jonathan Borba, Unsplash

An Inviting Ambiance

Two of the most overlooked aspects of weddings are the scent and lighting of a space. When combined, they can create an entirely new ambiance. This season, many brides are paying more attention to these event components.

If permitted, burning scented candles is a beautiful way to incorporate seasonal scents like apple cinnamon or pumpkin spice into your wedding space to create a warm, cozy environment. Other options include incense or room sprays to infuse atmospheric scents into the area.

Couples are also a lot savvier today when it comes to lighting options. Twinkle or bistro lights are extremely popular, and using them to create overhead canopies or backdrop curtains is a frequent request, especially for outdoor weddings. Another great option to add drama is a Gobo wash, projecting color or pattern onto a floor or ceiling.

We love incorporating nature-inspired patterns like leaves or florals onto the ceiling above the dance floor for fall. If your budget is limited, opt for LED uplighting in a warm hue like amber to give the room that desired friendly vibe.

Get Creative & Have Fun with It

Don't limit your décor to traditional wedding items, either. Get creative with fruit and dried flowers in your centerpieces. Cascading table runners made of pampas grass, or other organic materials are another big hit. Taper candles in dark shades placed in vintage brass candelabras are another excellent choice to add drama to your fall wedding.

Balloon displays are no longer limited to birthday parties either. Combined with backdrops and florals, they are fast becoming a fun option for whimsical weddings. Just be sure to keep them to your color palette for a cohesive look and have your vendor blow them up in different sizes to add dimension. Use your imagination, and your fall wedding is sure to bring your wedding dreams to life.

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