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About Us

'The Ring Boxes' is a monthly package for brides-to-be filled with must have wedding products, pamper perfect items, & custom gifts leading up to their special day!

The Ring Boxes was created in January 2017 by Antoinette Peters out of pure necessity.

The wedding industry is huge and only continues to grow, which means new companies and products are popping up daily. So why does that matter to you? Well, if you have been on online looking for a specific item to include in your wedding plans you will realize quickly that there are thousands of shops selling very similar products! How do you know which shop to go with!?

That’s where we come into play.

The Ring Boxes team is currently sourcing only the best products for you.
This is a perfect way to discover new shops and trends, pamper and prepare for your wedding all while helping small businesses grow!

 The Ring Boxes is the perfect gift for the bride to be! 

This is so much more than a business to us, our heart and soul are in each box we send out! 

Join our happy brides to be!

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