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Frequently Asked Questions

The Ring Boxes are monthly subscription boxes delivered right to our brides' doorsteps packed with handpicked bridal themed items! Helping our brides to plan, prepare and pamper themselves leading up to the big day!

Each month we arrange a new themed box such as our "I said YES", "Bridal Shower Ready", "Big Day Essentials" and "Honeymooners" boxes! Each box is filled with the most popular must have bridal products, bringing together an amazing selection of products to celebrate, pamper and help prepare our brides for all the excitement, leading to her BEST DAY EVER!!!

Yes! We have a Mrs. & Mrs. option that is perfect for our same sex brides! The Mrs. & Mrs. box is similar to our standard box, but replaces any items labeled “groom” or “Mr.” with another “bride” or “Mrs.” item. Simply make sure to check the “Mrs. & Mrs.” option during checkout.

If you subscribe between the 1st and the 10th of the month your first box will ship between the 15th and 18th! You will then renew on the 25th to ensure you get your next box with our regular shipment the following month. After you receive your first box all of your other boxes will ship between the 4th & 8th with our regular shipment and you will renew on the 15th of the month.

If you subscribe between the 11th and the last day of the month your first box will ship with our regular scheduled shipment, which is between the 4th and 8th of the upcoming month! You will then renew on the 15th of each month for the remainder of your subscription.

We have 5 options for our subscriptions! You can choose a month to month subscription that automatically renews each month at $39.95 and can be cancelled at anytime!

We also offer discounted subscription packages of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months! These packages are either paid in full the day of purchasing or broken down into a monthly payment for the length of the subscription. The discounted packages make this perfect gift even more affordable for our soon-to-be brides!

We hope you never leave us, but if you do decide to cancel, you can do so by emailing us at

Be sure to cancel BEFORE the 15th of the month (11:59pm CST on the14th of the month), before we begin our monthly billing cycle and start prepping your next box for shipment.

Cancellations made after this time cannot be refunded.

Our 3, 6, 9 and 12 month packaged subscription plans are not eligible to be canceled. If you must cancel you will be charged a $25.00 USD cancellation fee.

We can pause your subscription and have it start again the following month if you need to take a break! We pause subscriptions for 1 month at a time with a maximum of 2 skips per subscription in order to make sure our brides don't get too far behind with their boxes. Please reach out to our customer support team ( if you need to pause your subscription!

We ship between the 4th & 8th of every month with the cut off being the last day of the prior month. Your next box will automatically process on the 15th of every month!

If you subscribe between the 1st and 10th of each month your first box will ship between the 15th and 18th and your second box will process on the 25th in order to ensure you are on track for your second shipment which will then be with our regular monthly shipment between the 4th and 8th of the next month.

All shipping address changes must be made BEFORE the 20th of the month prior to shipment. This allows our customers a 5 day grace period from when they renew to make any changes and updates to their addresses. We are not responsible for shipments sent to the wrong address if the address was not updated before the cutoff date. Please email with assistance in any shipping address changes.

You will be required to pay any shipping charges for boxes reshipped due to failure to update your shipping address.

No shipping is not included in the price of our boxes but we have set flat rates for our customers! All U.S. orders cost $7.95 to ship, International shipping cost $15.95 to ship.

Like many businesses Covid-19 has taken a large toll on our company. We are a family run business, we're not immune to these challenges Covid-19 has created. Both our shipping and fulfillment partners have raised their rates since April 2020. For many months, we've resisted passing these increases onto our customers, hoping it would be a temporary change. Unfortunately we were notified in late August that these increased rates will remain in effect through the holiday season and into the New Year. Due to this carrier notice we must temporarily add an 0.85 cent surcharge to our Shipping rates in order to alleviate some of these increases. This will be removed once the rates go back down in the new year. You will see this 0.85 cent surcharge built into your shipping rate which will show as $8.80 for Domestic shipments and $16.80 for International shipments.

The Ring Boxes is not responsible for any charges from banks or credit cards due to insufficient funds.

We want to make sure your Ring Box is perfect, so we gladly replace any broken or defective items! Please take a photo of the damaged or defective item and send it to our customer support team at

If you received a shirt that does not fit properly we will happily exchange it with you for a new shirt as long as we have the new size available in stock.

Request for exchange must be made directly to The Ring Boxes at within 30 days of receiving the box.

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