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Frequently Asked Questions

The Ring Boxes is a subscription box filled with trendy bridal products delivered each month. Our products help brides to prepare and pamper themselves leading up to the Honeymoon (& more coming soon)!

We are a women-led company & we pride ourselves in being personable with our customers so every message is handled by a TRB care specialist.

I hand select & sample each product that goes in our boxes so each box is filled with the most LOVE! - XOXO Antoinette

Yes, of course! Our products are made with LOVE and perfectly curated for ALL BRIDES! XOXO

*Please Note - We DO NOT offer groom or MR items in any of our bridal subscription boxes. ONLY in our one time Groom Box on our Shop

Your first box will ship WITHIN 2-3 BUSINESS DAYS of ordering & you will receive an email with tracking!

After you receive your first box all of your other boxes will ship out by the 8th of the following month during our main shipment. 

If you have any issues with tracking or need to update your shipping address, please contact our customer success team & they will be happy to assist!

*Please Note - shipping addresses must be updated prior to shipment & will result in a re-ship fee if the update was not completed before the box processed. Forwarding fees will not be covered by The Ring Boxes due to failure to update prior to shipment*

We hope you never leave us, but if you do decide to cancel, you can do so by logging into your customer portal or emailing us at Support@TheRingBoxes.com

If you selected the month to month plan: you can cancel at any time. If you checkout with our SMS welcome code you can cancel or pause at any time!

If you selected a 6, 9 or 12 month packaged plan with code FREEBOX: your discount that you received will be reversed automatically and your account will be charged for your first box. This is in result to your packaged subscription not being completed as agreed at time of checkout. 

Be sure to cancel by 5:00 pm CST on the 14th of the month you wish to cancel. Cancellations made after this time cannot be refunded.

TRB offers (2) skips per subscription if you need to take a break because we understand life happens! You can skip your box/payment for (1) month at a time with a maximum of (2) skips per subscription in order to make sure our brides don't get too far behind with their boxes. 

*Please note - if you have a packaged subscription (6, 9, or 12 mo) you will still process all boxes. Skipping just stops your account from processing/shipping a box the month you requested. 

You can reach out to our customer success team (support@theringboxes.com) if you need assistance or have further questions. 

Please read in detail to understand exactly when your first "renewal" charge will process. 

If you subscribe between the 1st and the 10th you will then renew on the 25th of that month to ensure you get your next box with our regular shipment the following month. 

If you subscribe between the 11th and the last day of the month you will then renew on the 15th of the following month for the remainder of your subscription. 

Our boxes are processed automatically on the 15th of every month (after your second box). 

We allow (2) skips per subscription & you can do so by reaching out to our support team (support@theringboxes.com).  *If you have a (6, 9, or 12 month sub) you will still have to complete all required boxes to fulfill your subscription. 

  • If you received your box this month & feel disappointed with the items received, please reach out to our TRB CS Team. We will be happy to hear your feedback and get you back on track to celebrate! 


  • If you received a shirt that does not fit properly we will happily replace it for a new shirt as long as we have the new size available in stock.

*Please Note: Requests for shirt replacement must be made directly to The Ring Boxes at Support@theringboxes.com within 30 days of receiving the box

Our shirts are stretchy and sooo comfy! Please see measurements below:


We always LOVE to continue the fun with our brides on their engagement journey.

If you would like to re-subscribe, please reach out to our amazing TRB team (support@theringboxes.com) & they will make sure you are back in rotation correctly! 

Of course we've got you bestie! We reward our brides along the journey & celebrate every new status with sprinkles of love for our VIP BRIDES!


If your box is lost in transit (meaning tracking has not updated for 10+ business days) & you have not received it; we will replace your box for free!

If your box was not received (meaning tracking shows delivered but you cannot find it), please reach out to support@theringboxes.com & they will look into it right away! 

If your box needs to be re-shipped due to the following reasons: failure to update shipping address, delivered not received, or refusal it will result in a re-ship fee to cover the shipping costs of the replacement box. 

Domestic (in the U.S.) - $10.00 usd
International (outside of the U.S.) - $25.00 usd

Over 700,000 boxes
shipped to Happy Brides!

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All about celebrating your new ENGAGED Status! We curated a box filled with items to help you start your planning process as well as items that scream "I'm a Bride-to-be!!!"


Curated to help you capture + celebrate every last milestone leading to your BEST DAY EVER!!


Brides NEED their beauty sleep! Designed to pamper you & help you relax all while preparing you for the wedding! Complete with must haves ALL brides need for getting ready for their Best Day Ever!


With your Big Day on the horizon we wanted to make sure we helped you to prepare for your guest! This box was curated with essential wedding decor + keepsakes that you will hold onto for a lifetime! Along with some special items just for the Bride-to-be!


We wouldn't be a bridal subscription box with a BACHELORETTE Box!! Curated to prepare you for an amazing time out with stunning bridal accessories, unique party games & even some fun for your bridal party too!


Your Big Day is right around the corner! You have done enough planning, it's time to leave it in our hands and let us prepare you with all the MUST HAVE details you're going to need & want for a perfect day!!


You're officially a MRS!! Congratulations!! We have everything you need to take off on your honeymoon and have everyone know you're Newly Weds!