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You're Engaged! Here's What to Do Right NOW

Your sweetie just popped the questionthis is the big moment you’ve been waiting for! You’ve got a shiny ring on your finger and you’re buzzing with excitement and emotion. While you’ll have a lot to think about and plan for between now and your wedding day, there’s plenty of time for that a little later. Right now, you can focus enjoying the moment. If you just got engaged, look no further. Here's what to do after getting engaged!

What to Do When You’re Newly Engaged

Before worrying about the actual wedding planning process, try to savor the newly engaged stage... and your new engagement ring! Notify your loved ones, take a bunch of photos, post to social media, have some champagne, and just enjoy being a fiancé for a bit.

1. Tell Your Family & Your Besties

Unless you’re planning on keeping your engagement under wraps for a little while, the first thing to do after getting engaged is scream "I got engaged!" from the top of your lungs and share the news with your loved ones. You probably have a list of people who would rather hear that you just got engaged from you than on your social media (especially your maid of honor), so call, text, or FaceTime your closest family and friends and share your proposal story with them.

2. Get to the Nail Salon

As a newly, just engaged, engaged bride-to-be, there’s no avoiding showing off your engagement ring. Getting a fresh manicure will make you feel more polished for inevitable photos and grabs of your hand over the next few weeks.

3. Post a Ring Selfie to Instagram

If you’re ready to tell the world after you get engaged, show off your ring—and your polished nails—with an Instagram selfie.

4. Update Your Relationship Status on Facebook

While you’re at it, make it Facebook-official by updating your relationship status to “Engaged”!

5. Watch Every Wedding Movie Ever

Queue up the Netflix and settle in for a wedding movie marathon of all the classics. Father of the Bride, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Bridesmaids, and The Wedding Singer are a few of our favorites!

6. Load Up on Wedding Magazines

Stock up on bridal magazines to start brainstorming and getting an idea of what you want for your dream wedding! This is the time to indulge.

7. Create a Wedding Pinterest Board

Create your own Pinterest board and start saving your favorite wedding aesthetic and dress ideas! 

8. Sign Up for a Bridal Subscription Box with The Ring Boxes

One of the best ways to enjoy the “honeymoon phase” of your engagement is to sign up for The Ring Boxes! With 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscription options, you can get a monthly delivery of handpicked wedding products and accessories including shirts, vow booklets, beauty products, cake toppers, decorations, and party favors.


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9. Get Your Ring Sized & Insured

While these aren’t the most fun tasks following a wedding proposal, they’re necessary. If your engagement ring doesn’t fit quite right, have a jeweler resize it and be sure to enroll in jewelry insurance too. Better safe than sorry!

10. Take Some Engagement Photos

It’s a good idea to take engagement photos early on in your engagement so that you have great shots on hand for various announcements. Some couples like to use professional photos for their save-the-dates, wedding website, or social media.  

11. Throw an Engagement Party

Don’t forget to enjoy this time. Use your guest list to get your family and closest friends together for a celebratory dinner or drinks. If you prefer to spend one-on-one time with your fiancé, schedule a date night. Whatever you choose, your engagement is worth cheersing to.

12. Take a Breather

If you just got engaged, don’t feel like you need to jump into wedding planning right away. Take a few weeks to slow down, celebrate, and let it all sink in. Cherish this once-in-a-lifetime moment before tying the knot!

Don't miss a moment of this special time. Use our "What To Do After Getting Engaged" Checklist below!

What to do After Getting Engaged Checklist



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