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15 Tips for Sparking Romance This Valentine's Day

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there are many mixed opinions out there. Are you a total romantic counting down the days to see how your fiancé will woo you this Valentine’s Day? Or do you completely dismiss it as overly commercial and cheesy?

Whatever your stance on this polarizing holiday, this year, you deserve to celebrate your unique love. You’re engaged, and Valentine’s Day will not get much better than this, so it’s high time to embrace the romance. To be clear: we are not talking about rose petal baths, chocolate-covered strawberries, or other grand gestures perfect for rom-coms.

Ignore the pressure to do something over the top that might feel inauthentic. Enjoy spending time together doing things you both love and think about little romantic gestures that help strengthen a relationship. Consider these ideas as “relation-tips” for your future marriage that’ll keep the romance going past Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day

Photo Credit: Criativithy, Pexels

1.      Sprinkle the Day with Little Acts of Kindness

We don’t know about you, but there’s something sexy about a partner who takes out the trash or scrubs the toilet so that you don’t have to. If there is one thing you and your partner can do this Valentine’s Day, it is to show one another how much you care and appreciate having them in your life.

From brewing coffee and cooking a hearty breakfast to taking over a household chore, there are many ways to say “I love you” through small acts of kindness. Brighten up your fiancé’s day, and we are sure it will be reciprocated and you’ll both feel more connected by the time the sun sets.

2.      Leave a Trail of Sweet Notes

Consider this next idea a head start on your wedding vows. This Valentine’s Day, put pen to paper and write an old-school love note to your fiancé. Think about your love story, the experiences you’ve shared, and why you want to marry them. It’s a great way to remind yourself how you fell in love and bring back a rush of happy memories.

If writing a full-blown love letter seems daunting, try slipping little notes about shared memories, inside jokes, or love quotes inside their bag or scattered around the house. Speak from the heart, and you can never go wrong.

Spa Day

Photo Credit: Sergey Torbik, Pexels

3.      Pamper Yourselves at the Spa or at-Home

Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially these days. Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to decompress and spend the day being pampered together. Book a couple’s massage or spa day for two and enjoy full-service amenities like the sauna or steam room.

If the wedding is eating up the bulk of your budget, save money and adapt this spa day idea at home instead. Give each other massages, a body scrub, or pedicures. Then spray some eucalyptus or lavender scents and spend the day relaxing together.

4.      Get in Motion or Meditate Together

Exercising releases endorphins that get those sexy Valentine’s Day vibes in full gear. Think about the activities you love doing, like skiing, hiking, or Pilates, and book a group class for both of you to work up a sweat. It’s a great way to kick off this celebration of love and get in an energetic, competitive spirit that’s beneficial to a healthy relationship.

If you’re feeling stressed, it’s time to let in the Zen together. Sign up for a meditation or yoga class. Or use an app like Calm or Headspace for some guided breathing and stretching exercises that you can practice in sync with each other.

Turn Wedding Planning into a Date

Photo Credit: Ketut Subiyanto, Pexels

5.      Turn Wedding Planning into a Date

Your upcoming nuptials are a huge part of your relationship, so it might make sense to spend Valentine’s Day wedding planning. We are not talking about checking off a to-do list or making vendor calls. Take some dancing lessons and practice your foxtrot for your first dance. Book your cake or menu tasting, and turn it into a fancy dinner or dessert that also serves a purpose.

Another fun idea is to play tourist and spend the weekend before Valentine’s Day visiting local hotels, breweries, landmarks, shops, and restaurants near your wedding venue. Then put together a list of recommended spots for guests to visit while in town for your Big Day.

6.      Put a Couples Playlist Together

Get started thinking about your wedding songs and set the mood all at the same time. Put together a Valentine’s Day playlist, then have fun belting out renditions of your favorite love songs. Include music that brings back great memories for the two of you so that you can reminisce all day long.

Have serious musical chops? Up the ante by serenading them with your talents. Just keep it real, and don’t plan anything with an audience that’ll seem more showy than sincere.

Cook a Special Meal Together

Photo Credit: Vlada Karpovich, Pexels

7.      Turn Up the Heat in the Kitchen

Fancy Valentine’s Day tasting menus might be out of the question when you are saving up for your dream wedding. You don’t need to go out to enjoy a gourmet meal. Grab your honey and get cooking together in the kitchen. Whether you buy some steaks, lobster tails, and wine from your local grocery store or use a pre-made kit from services like Blue Apron or Plated, there are so many ways to replicate that restaurant quality at home.

Have fun with your sous-chef whipping up your favorite meal, dessert, or some heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast. You can even take this idea up a notch and attend a virtual cooking class. Get inspired by the new recipes and techniques you’ll learn together, and it’ll be a gift that keeps giving.

8.      Break Out of Your Routine

If you already live together or have known each other for years, it’s easy to get into a daily routine. Use this romantic holiday as an excuse to break out of your habits and try something different. Sharing a new experience or engaging in something spontaneous can help you grow as a couple.

Before you settle into your marriage, it is a great time to expand your activities and spend quality time together. Take an art class, try a new sport, and get creative! There’s no wrong answer here, as long as you get out of your comfort zone and explore the possibilities together.

Go on a Valentine's Day Getaway

Photo Credit: Mikail Nilov, Pexels

9.      Escape to Somewhere New

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get away. Make this year as an engaged couple super special by planning a weekend hotel stay or a full-blown vacation. Head to a cozy log cabin and sip hot chocolate over a fire or escape the cold for a warmer stay on the beach. If an overnight trip isn’t in your budget, plan a day trip instead and explore nearby sites you’ve always wanted to visit.

If you aren’t that into planning but are always up for an adventure, hop in the car and take a scenic drive with no specific destination in mind. Cross different terrains and revel in the oddities and natural wonders you’ll come across on the open road.

10. Get Excited about Your Future

The two of you are getting ready for one of the most important moments in a couple’s life. Take time this Valentine’s Day to think about your future together and plan what you want it to look like. Write it down or create a vision board.

These past years have shown that life won’t always go according to plan, but mapping it out will help you get on the same page and better adapt when life throws curveballs your way. Don’t be afraid to dig deep and talk about everything from finances and kids to your careers and where you want to grow old together. These conversations will strengthen your bond and foster more open communication.

Keep it Low-Key

Photo Credit: Pavel Danilyuk, Pexels

11. Keep it Low-Key if You Want

Don’t feel like going out? Stay in and snuggle up instead. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to involve dressing up and heading out to a fancy dinner. If you and your fiancé are more low-key, stay home and enjoy time together.

Lounge around, have breakfast in bed, binge your favorite series, or just add some extra kisses to a typical Monday. Do what feels right for you. We’re sure you have a lot on your mind and are busy with work and wedding planning, so relaxing might be all it takes to call it a wonderful day.

12. Go Down Memory Lane

Spend the day going through old photos and let those positive memories fill your Valentine’s Day with joy. Organize your favorites, print small albums you can display at the wedding, post them in a gallery on your wedding website, or work on a scrapbook together that includes other mementos like concert tickets.

You might also want to spend the day locally: revisit where you had your first date, the spot where your partner proposed, or sites of other important milestones in your relationship. You can even film a video while reliving these happy memories and then play it back for one another on your wedding day.

Check off your Couple's Bucket List

Photo Credit: Yuting Gao, Pexels

13. Dream Up Your Bucket List

So, you’ve had the important conversations about your future. Now it’s time to dream big together. Stay in bed late and talk about all the exciting things you want to experience in your married life. Imagine all the places you want to travel, the bands you want to hear live, the wild adventures you can’t wait to have, or the dream home you want to live in; no idea is too outlandish.

Then grab your partner by the hand and head out the door to cross one thing off your bucket list. Keep your dreams front and center by posting them on your fridge, and promise never to stop surprising each other.

14. Start a New Tradition

Even if you don’t have kids yet, getting married means forming your own family. Use this Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to feel that soon-to-be status change and start a new tradition before you even walk down the aisle.

Whether it’s crafting a handmade card, cooking a decadent brunch together, or going back to your favorite travel spot, pick something you wouldn’t mind doing each year to kick off your married life with some built-in plans to look forward to.

15. Continue to Nurture This Relationship Everyday

Valentine’s Day feels special because it’s a day where we decide to prioritize love. The truth is every day can be just as romantic if we let it. Take some of these ideas and incorporate them into your day-to-day lives whenever possible. The spontaneity, reminiscing, kindness, and new experiences shared will give you that newlywed bliss.

Studies have found that your salary, job title, and where you live don’t have much to do with happiness. It’s your relationships, especially with your partner, that matter most. So, give your soon-to-be spouse the ultimate gift by approaching each day with a loving attitude that’ll last far beyond Valentine’s Day.

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