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Top 10 Reasons to Have an Engagement Party

Congratulations! Getting engaged is a huge reason to celebrate. Now that there is a ring on your finger, you may be wondering whether or not you and your sweetheart should throw an engagement party of your own. Here are the top 10 reasons to have an engagement party!

1. To Celebrate and Acknowledge This Important Milestone

First and foremost, an engagement party is a great way to celebrate this important milestone in your relationship. Often, the moment is overlooked in light of the upcoming, big event of your wedding day. However, this was not a decision that was made lightly, and your engagement should be celebrated and acknowledged!

2. It’s a Chance for Both You and Your Sweetheart to Celebrate Together

As a newly engaged couple, you and your significant other will have many opportunities to celebrate between now and the wedding day. However, from bachelor and bachelorette parties to bridal showers, you two are celebrating individually and not together as a couple. An engagement party is your chance to throw an event for the two of you to celebrate with each other and with your friends and family before the big day!

3. It’s An Opportunity To Bring Family Together - Likely for the First Time!

If you’re like the majority of couples, your families probably haven’t met each other yet. An engagement party is a great way to break the ice and help your loved ones get to know each other before the craziness of your wedding planning begins! After all, they are gaining another side of the family as well.

4. To Fill the Waiting Period Between Engagement and Your Wedding Day

If you are having a particularly long engagement, throwing a party is a fun way to help fill the time you’ll spend waiting to tie the knot!  If you can, try planning it towards the middle of your engagement period. It will also keep the excitement going for your friends and family and give you all something to look forward to.


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5. A Chance to Invite Your Friends to Be a Part of Your Wedding Day

If you’re brainstorming ideas on how to creatively ask your friends to be bridesmaids and groomsmen, you could ask them in a really fun, memorable way at your engagement party! You can even announce their names at the party and honor their place in your life in a special and intimate way.

6. Bridal Party Bonding

Furthermore, whether you plan to ask them to be in your wedding at the party or they knew even before you were officially engaged, your engagement party is the perfect opportunity for your groomsmen and bridesmaids to bond! Your wedding party will be spending a lot of time around each other throughout all of the festivities, and it is important that they feel close or comfortable around each other. Having an engagement party can set the tone for the rest of the bridal party activities.

7. An Opportunity To Truly Interact With Those You Love

You may have heard it said that you will one day look back on your wedding day and the celebration will all feel like a blur. Well, it’s true! Your big day really does speed by, and it allows very little time for you and your sweetheart to truly interact with your guests. An engagement party can provide a smaller, more intimate setting to spend time with your guests.

8. A Chance To Celebrate with Everyone

While an engagement party provides the opportunity to interact with all of your wedding guests beforehand, it is also a way to celebrate with those who cannot attend on your wedding day. Your engagement party is a chance to celebrate with everyone, especially if you are planning to have a small venue or a destination wedding with a limited number of guests.

9. It’s The Perfect Excuse to Plan a Party!

Are you and your fiance “party people”? Or do you or some of your close friends love planning parties? If so, your engagement is the perfect excuse to throw a party with your friends and family!

10. You Will Never Have This Season of Your Life Again - Enjoy it!

Whether you finally popped the question or were the one that just said “Yes!” to the person you love, you have just made one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. This season of life does not last forever, and it is meant to be enjoyed and treasured. You should take full advantage of this time in your life and celebrate in every way you possibly can - and having an engagement party is the perfect celebration to start with!

If you choose to have an engagement party, we hope that it is truly the event of your dreams! Be intentional about making memories during this season of your lives. You won’t regret it!

Did we convince you to have an engagement party? Use our "What To Do After Getting Engaged" Checklist below!

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