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Tips, Tricks, & Trends to Find the Perfect Dress for your Wedding!

Choosing your wedding dress is a momentous moment during the whirlwind of wedding planning! Let us help you make it stress-free by giving you tips on trending dress styles, choosing your dress, and having fun in the process.

Every part of wedding planning is a fun, new experience! However, after some time it can become an exhausting affair, especially when you are on your fourth wedding dress store and the white, ivory, lace, and frills of the dresses are starting to all blend into one.

Avoid over-shopping for your wedding dress by having a clear idea of what types of dresses fit your body style, current dress trends, and how you can best approach this experience! Grab your favorite gal pals and let’s get ready to go!

Find the right wedding dress for your body type.

Let’s talk about your body type! We all know there are certain types of shirts and jean fit that flatter us depending on our bodies. The same goes for dresses, so it might save you some time if you started immediately by shopping for a fit that will flatter your frame. Here are some of the most common body types to help you narrow down your dress style.

Petite Body

If you have a petite body, do your best to avoid overly detailed dresses that will drown you. Simple, fitted dresses are going to flatter your small frame the best. Avoid full skirts or skirts with ruffles. Bridal styles that will flatter your petite frame include trumpet style, empire waistline, or column dress. Find dresses that create the illusion of height.


Slim/Straight Body

With slim or straight bodies, you want to create the illusion of curves on your big day for a flattering look. Go for dresses that have a voluminous skirt. Ball gowns are the style for you, especially with a fitted bodice and full skirt combination that is sure to create that illusion of fullness and curves. Sheath dresses are another great option for slim body types!

Apple Shape

With an apple shape, you want styles that will create attention on your upper half with disguising the lower half. Empire waist dresses and fabric such as taffeta and satin do wonders for people with an apple shape body!

Pear Shape

Pear shapes look amazing in an A-line gown, which is a universally flattering gown anyway. You can also downplay the curves if you prefer with a draped Grecian style dress. Avoid dresses that accentuate your bottom. Mermaid and tiered gowns will fall short when it comes to flattering your body, so they are best avoided with a pear shape body.


Small Bust

Hide your small bust in plain sight with a plunging neckline. Plunging necklines give the illusion of a larger bust and create intricate detailing on the upper half of your body. Another option for small bust brides is a jewel neckline, which is high cut necklines. However, sweetheart necklines will do your figure no favors, so avoid those if possible.

Busty Bride

The key to flattering top-heavy brides is all in the neckline. You want to choose a neckline that shows your bust is supported and draws your eye up and away from the bust. Sweetheart and off-the-shoulder necklines are the most flattering and provide a modest neckline that avoids spillage or scoop. Draw the eyes up and away even more by considering a modesty lace or lace overlay.

Plus Size Body

Plus size body types have two very different options when it comes to dress shopping: you can either accentuate your curves or create a slimming effect. Depending on how comfortable you are with your body and what you love about yourself will become the deciding factor. The most flattering stylish for people with a full figure includes asymmetrical pleating, ruching, and cumber band waistlines. Draw the eye upward and flatter your figure further with scoop and v-necklines.

The Hourglass Figure

Those who have hourglass figures have it easy! Almost every dress style is going to flatter an hourglass figure because they have the most sought-after figure. However, a body-hugging mermaid style is going to accentuate all your curves in all the right places. Corset dresses and drop-waist styles are also great options for a form-flattering look on your big day!

2019 Trends in Wedding Dresses

We aren’t in any way suggesting you should follow trends when it comes to wedding dresses, but it is always fun to see what the runways have in store for annual trends. 2019 did not disappoint when it came to trends in the wedding industry, with the predominant trend being royal, regal, and prominent. Here are some of the trends that hit the runway in Spring 2019:

  • The “Royal” look including tiaras, voluminous gowns, attention to detail
  • Wedding jumpsuits for the reception
  • Clean, minimal, simple lines with simple tailoring (a nod to 90’s nostalgia)
  • Lavender and other pastel-colored gowns
  • Mock turtlenecks
  • Metallics for those that love glitz and glamour
  • Regal capes and trains
  • The return of the ballgown as a dominating style
  • Heavy embellishments, such as 3D florals
  • Statement bows
  • Super plunging necklines

You’ll see these trends gracing the pages of bridal magazines and shops around the globe! Maybe one of these trends speaks to you and your body style, or maybe you are just in search of “the right one”, trends aside.


Remember these tips & go have fun choosing your wedding gown!

Selecting THE dress can be an exciting and exhausting time for a bride, but we hope you’ll have a bit more of an insight as to the type of gowns that will flatter your figure and help make your decision easier! Before you go hit the bridal shops, remember these tiny details:

  • Choosing the right undergarments is just as important as the dress. Shapewear does wonders for your figure, so make sure you have your undergarments while trying on dresses.
  • Highlight the parts of your body you love! If you aren’t sure what dresses will, let your bridal shop stylist know what you love about yourself so they can pick dresses that will showcase those traits.
  • Never choose a dress because it is ‘trending’. Choose the dress because it flatters your shape and size.
  • Remember a size is just a number, especially when it comes to designer clothing. Many wedding gowns may run a size or two smaller. Choose the dress that fits your body or the one that can be altered perfectly to fit like a glove on your big day!

Have you found your dress for your big day? Are you still looking? Have you already had your wedding? Let us know if these tips and tricks helped you score the PERFECT dress for your big day. We would love to know the details on your dress hunting success! 


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