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The Most Popular Bridal Hairstyles for 2019

Posted by Antoinette Abrahamsen on

No one can predict the future, of course, but it’s still fun to ponder what future styles and trends might continue into the coming year. Bridal hairstyles are no exception. If 2018 was the year of no muss, no fuss, then 2019 is going to continue that trend, but throw in crazy texture too. Women are tired of spending hours in the salon curling, ironing, pinning, and spraying their hair only to damage it further.

The end result might look pretty, but does it look real and authentic? Women today are all about keeping it real, and they want their look and style to truly reflect their personality and tastes, not be crimped and curled within an inch of their lives. Ain’t nobody got time for that, right gals?

So, here are the most popular bridal hairstyles for 2019 we see happening.

Soft and Wavy

Let’s be honest; there’s nothing quite like looking as though you just woke up fabulous. Soft, wavy, slightly tousled hair gives brides an easy, natural and voluminous vibe without all the fuss. Their beauty looks and feels effortless and stylish and no, they did not just spend five hours doing their hair!

Or, maybe they did. You’ll never know, and we’ll never tell! Tousled waves also make for some seriously romantic-looking photo moments, especially when you add beautiful bridal combs and glittery tiaras for a finishing touch.

Textured Ponytails and Updos

Textured and braided ponytails were going strong in 2018 and are still all the rage for 2019. Just call the look effortlessly messy, and you get the gist. You can pull out little strands to frame your face for a simple and classically chic look that works for the swankiest of weddings to the most laid-back special occasion. Wear your hair high for that classic feel, or pull that pony down to your shoulders; it's your choice!

Dress it up with braids and twists, or skip them and keep it simple and sleek. It all depends on your mood and what will create a flattering look with your dress and your face. Also, make sure you’re comfy. There’s nothing worse than a ponytail headache because you aren’t used to wearing your hair that high!

Braids and Flower Power

Whether you’re going for an ethereal, romantic look or the bohemian, gypsy chic look, braids and flowers can take you there. You can braid your hair in a half-updo or braid a crown around the top of your head. You can do braids in the front, in the back, big, loose braids, small, tight braids, or a fancy fishtail braid.

French-style braids look super chic as well. You can string flowers through your braids, wear flower tiaras, or even skip braids entirely, wear your hair loose, and glue tiny flowers along the length of your hair for the ultimate in bridal style.

Chignons and Wedding Buns

Of course, you can never go wrong with a wedding bun or a loose chignon. The goal with both of these looks is to seem slightly undone. No need for slicked back hair and stiff hairspray. It’s almost a case of, “The messier, the better.” Once you have the base style in place, you can dress it up with bridal combs to match your gown or add pretty pins. Some women like veils and others love bows and headbands. Choose adornments that suit your tastes and style, and you can make any bun or chignon look like the style of the century.

Long, Flowing Hair

Some brides simply want a timeless look without a lot of stress or hassle. Long, smooth, flowing tresses fit the bill perfectly. You don’t need a lot of accouterments to make this look work, although you can certainly add any additions you might like. Long, smooth hair is a timeless look that works for just about every style of wedding and dress. The best part is if you get hot or your hair gets in your way during the festivities, you can sweep it all to the side and tie it with a pretty ribbon for an easy and functional style that still looks fab.

Slick and Curly

Some girls have curls. If you want a look that’s both sleek and slightly wild, this one’s for you. Simply slick your hair back in the front with a great headband to the middle of your head, then let everything behind the headband go a little crazy. This really draws attention to those curls and corkscrews and allows you to tame the beast without looking like you tried too hard. Pair this style with a sleek, minimal dress, and you’ve got a look that’s really special.

There you have it, some of the most popular bridal hairstyles for 2019. Just remember, it’s your wedding, girl… so you do YOU.


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