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Now Trending: 2020 Wedding Trend Predictions from Industry Experts

With the close of a decade, we are openly embracing 2020 with new hopes in the wedding industry. The nostalgia of the last decade, and especially in 2019, will carry us into 2020 with trends that may continue to grow and others that will retire and make way for the brand, new wedding trends. Some of our favorite trends of 2019 included the rise of brides choosing colored wedding dresses, pampas grass décor, and using favorite pets in the wedding celebrations.

We also saw 2019 as the year for “the guest experience”, where brides and grooms openly invited their guests to be part of their big day rather than a spectator. While we aren’t ready to let go of all 2019 had to offer, we know it’s time to move forward with bold, new trends in 2020.

Check out some industry experts’ opinions on trends that are here to bloom in 2020 and trends that we need to let die.


The biggest trend still on the rise in 2020 is the use of the non-traditional flower. Instead of choosing fresh flowers, brides are going a unique route and choosing dried flowers. Dried flowers offer the opportunity for creativity and can be either painted, bleached, or left natural.

A trend in the floral department that seems to be here to stay is greenery. From ceiling treatments to furniture and drapery, greenery is refined, natural, and enhances any wedding.

Rich colors are here to stay!

Some industry experts believe the “traditional bridal style” is taking a backseat. All-white or neutral weddings are seeing a dip as bold, rich, colorful palettes take over. If you’re going to be attending weddings throughout 2020, you’ll likely see custom printed fabrics and tablecloths.

With this growing trend, you’ll see the beautiful tablescapes that were developing in 2019 stay strong through 2020. Creativity in linens, embroidery, and dinner wear are creating a stunning look at wedding receptions that the experts say will be a trend that is here to flourish.

Artistic Approach to Food

Some experts are predicting the idea of creating an experience to slowly move into the realm of food. Interactive food experiences are on the list for trends to watch for in 2020—so what exactly does that mean? Experts are seeing a rise in bride and grooms having experiences for their guests such as mixology lessons or “food as art”, creating an elaborate display of senses as part of their spectacle.

Along with the artistic approach to food is the approach of less is more. Seated dinners and family-style are going to be a thing of the past as modern weddings move towards intimacy and luxury. Small one or two-course plated meals designed with the guests in mind will start emerging in 2020.

Modern Brides are hitting the streets

Non-traditional wedding dresses were on the rise for 2019 trends and continue to become a staple for 2020 brides. Brides want to make a statement or embrace a contemporary approach to being a bride. These brides are going bold and big with colors, jumpsuits, skirts, and even capes.

Along with the idea of the modern bride, is the lack of bridal parties. Experts are digging the trend of no bridal parties, as couples are opting for a more intimate ceremony and finding other ways throughout their big day to honor the important friends and family in their lives, such as small tokens of appreciation or mentioning in toasts.

But, for the bride who isn’t willing to ditch her besties, consider ditching the matching outfits. Bridal parties consisting of eclectic looks that follow a color trend but not a style trend offer a stunning bridal party that celebrates individuality while creating a beautiful surrounding for the bride.

Entertainment at its finest

If the roaring ‘20s taught us anything, it was that partying and spectacles were a thing to be had. 2020 is seeing a huge revival of these elaborate entertainment performances. Experts are predicting immersive entertainment, such as harpists and performance artists, to become the center of the celebration.

Punched up celebrations will be a thing for 2020, meaning it’s time to play around with the traditional timeline of the wedding. Some experts hope to see creative timelines where couples are having happy hour before the ceremony or making more time for dancing and celebration.

Along with this trend, the trend of after-parties is continuing to rise. Whether it is initiated by the bride and groom or wedding guests after parties keep the vibe going long into the night.  

Keep it Intimate

Intimate weddings are hot! Seriously, what is better than pledging your love to a crowd of fewer than 50 people who you hand-selected to participate? Smaller weddings are on the rise in 2020, whether because of budgeting or a lack of wanting to make a fanfare of a day, and we are digging it.

Environmentally Friendly

Sustainability and ecofriendly everything! This trend has dominated the globe on all fronts as of late years and we are not about to see it disappear as we head into 2020. People are more aware of their surroundings, the materials they are using, and how they can help make the world just a smidge better.

Natural elements will continue to thrive on the wedding scene in 2020. Even vendors are taking action to ensure they are being more sustainable to meet the expectations of the wedding scene. Eco-friendly stationery and paper products are being offered, caterers are looking to local produce from organic farms, and florists are using locally grown in-season flowers for their arrangements.

Saying Goodbye to the Traditional Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes and cutting of the cake are so last decade. In 2020 we are welcoming a new era of desserts that are both savory and sweet. Included in these ‘grazing tables’, guests will find cheese towers and cheese boards accompanied by cupcakes, donuts, and bite-sized bits that are perfect for grab and go.

Not Trending: According to Experts, These Trends Need to Go

Along with having a lot to say about what we’ll expect to see from weddings in 2020, the experts are putting their two cents in on what needs to stay in the past. Most of these trends from the last decade or longer have been overdone, overused, and we are SO over it!

  • Pastels: These colors are going to be taking a huge backseat to the big, bold predictions of 2020. Some experts say pastels just need to be tucked away. There is no wow factor in these colors for the exuberance and luxury we hope to see in 2020!
  • Velvet: While luxurious, velvet simply has been overdone over the past few years. Keep the velvet—both attire and furniture—to a minimum in your wedding planning.
  • Fireworks: In the past, fireworks have been an amazing way to end the celebration of your wedding day. However, with this pull towards eco-friendly weddings, fireworks are being shoved aside. Experts say that brides and grooms can do without the expense and potential hazard of fireworks, which carelessly harm both the environment and local wildlife.
  • Farmhouse Style: This style has blown up in recent years, and while its down-home charm was fun at first, it has been played out and overdone time and time again. Many experts agree, 2020 is time to put away those farm tables and wooden benches, steer clear of barns, and bring more elegance and sophistication to your celebration with dinner service and catered meals that your guests can indulge in.
  • Favors: Say goodbye to favors! The new trend is leaning towards welcome bags, where you can offer your guests a shawl, blanket, or even amenities at their hotels. Caring for your guests upfront versus at the end of your wedding means you are putting them first. It’s classy and sophisticated and fits right into the trends of 2020.
  • Huge wedding parties: Intimacy is key at weddings of the new decade and a wedding party of 10+ people is anything but intimate. Many brides and grooms are choosing two or fewer people to stand up with them (if any at all). Save yourself the expense and the emotions of organizing a wedding party and just include your special friends as guests to your big day!
  • Photobooths: Yes—these were fun, for a while. Now, the last thing the modern bride wants is books full of her drunk friends wearing oversized mustaches and dollar-sign sunglasses. Opt for a videographer instead of who can capture both the essence and emotion of the day while allowing you to see all your guests.


Want to know the BIGGEST thing to focus on for your wedding in 2020?

YOU! Make your day all about you and your partner and the love you share. While we can share all the trends from the “experts”, you are the only one who can really decide what is BEST for your big day. Take time to focus on the things that bring you and your partner together and include them as the focal points for your big day. All the other pieces will fall into place and you may—or may not—find yourself gravitating towards one of the up-and-coming 2020 trends.

Do any of these trends sound like the wedding you have in mind for 2020? We’d love to know!

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