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How to Host the Best Bridal Shower: Tips and Tricks

She’s getting married, and you couldn’t be happier! As someone who loves her dearly, you stepped up and offered to throw a bridal shower for her- but it’s coming up sooner than you think! Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that your BFF or that beloved family member has the BEST Bridal Shower ever!

Talk to The Bride

This may seem obvious, but a lot of very well-intentioned bridesmaids, friends, and family members plan the party without any input from the bride herself. While you may be tempted to keep it a surprise (and you still can!), find creative ways to gain insight. Some brides may not have a strong opinion at all, but others have been dreaming about their perfect bridal shower for years! Asking questions about time of day (brunch or dinner?), location, whether or not she is comfortable receiving intimate gifts or lacy lingerie, type of food, theme, or who to invite can help make the day truly about her. You would hate to leave out a special detail or an important person by mistake!

Think about the Guest List

Speaking of invites, be sure to carefully consider the guest list. Typically, bridal shower invites will include family members like Aunt Susie and Great Grandma Sally, as well as her bridesmaids and close friends. However, some brides choose to have a smaller, intimate gathering with only immediate family, and others choose to have a larger celebration and invite everyone on their Facebook friends list. When choosing which route to go, be sure to consider the venue, budget, food, drinks, if kids or teenagers should be invited, and (most importantly), who the bride would really want there to celebrate her special day.

Another consideration that is gaining popularity is having a coed “wedding shower.” If the bride gets a special party, why shouldn’t the groom? If this is something that the bride and her fiance are thinking about, be sure to take that into account when party planning.

Focus on Food and Drinks

Having good food and refreshing drinks is often the #1 reason that most people stay longer at bridal showers (and weddings, for that matter). While this may seem like a lot of pressure, it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive! Here are some tips to make feeding your guests a little easier:

Remember that light bites and cocktails (or mocktails!) can go a long way! The more creativity in this area, the better. Even if your guests don’t leave full, they will leave happy if this is well done. For example, you can have various finger foods, such as a nacho bar with toppings, a grilled cheese/panini making station, a bruschetta bar, meat and cheese plates, a chocolate fountain with fresh fruit and other snacks, a dessert bar, or even a donut wall. Also, brush up on your bartending skills (or ask a friend) and come up with some classic or creative creations! A signature cocktail to remember the occasion is always a fun touch. If it’s during breakfast or brunch, opt for a mimosa bar with different champagnes, juices, and fresh fruit.

Have a potluck! Ask each of the bridesmaids or close friends to bring a dish or a dessert. Planning a bridal shower can be very pricey and one person usually ends up taking on the sole responsibility of hosting. This is a great way to divvy up some of the responsibilities! Be sure to keep track of what everyone is bringing to avoid repeats and ensure that they go together well.
You can also choose to host the bridal shower in between major meal times, or in the evening. That way, you can state on the invitations that only light appetizers or desserts will be offered, as the guests will have eaten before or after the shower!

Make it Fun!

Having some bridal shower games prepared with fun prizes is a great way to get everyone to interact and have fun! Not all the guests will know each other, so planning a game that revolves around the bride is a great way for everyone to interact (after all, she’s the one thing you all have in common). Keep it classy, keep it simple, and do your best to keep everyone involved and get them laughing! There are a million great game ideas, such as quiz games about the bride and groom, “he said she said,” bride and groom photo challenges, yard games (jenga, corn hole, ring toss, etc.), bridal gift bingo, name-that-tune (love songs), wedding catch phrase, making the best wedding dress out of toilet paper, decorating the best mini wedding cake (using cupcakes or cookies), drawing pictures of the bride blindfolded, guess-that-cake flavor, and so much more!

A bridal shower can truly be the most fun and memorable part of the wedding planning season. We hope that these tips help turn yours into the perfect bridal shower!


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