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Holiday Weddings: Making Your Big Day Even More Magical

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s no wonder love is in the air! This time of year, people are typically spending it with the ones they love the most. From Halloween to Thanksgiving and Christmas to New Year, there is always something worth celebrating? So why not make your big day more magical by celebrating a holiday wedding.

Chic winter weddings are instantly transformed into holiday weddings!

Who knew? But when it’s a winter wonderland outside, thoughts of cozy fireplaces, cups of hot cocoa, and a bride in soft faux fur come to mind. Having a holiday wedding doesn’t mean you need to put up a Christmas tree in the corner and have your bridesmaids in red and green. Having a winter wonderland means you can bring magic, family, and friends together for one amazing night in a classy way.

Ditch the frenzy of feasts and gift exchanges and give your family a moment in time to remember every time the holidays draw near.

So, what’s the recipe for a perfect holiday wedding?

We’re glad you asked! Here are some of the truly inspiring holiday ideas to transform your wedding into a spectacular celebration of the holidays! 

Bouquet Elegance with Holiday Cheer

Bring the magic of the holiday spirit front and center in your bridal bouquet and floral arrangements. A bouquet full of deep holiday hues, winter greenery, berries, and neutral florals are sure to bring a flood of holiday emotions to your big day.

For a touch of glam, go for a bouquet that evokes a winter wonderland with hues of blues and whites and muted greens.

Both bouquet options are sure to be a showstopper during your holiday celebrations!

Berrylicious Boutonnieres

Dress the men up in their finest tuxes, but don’t forget their sprig of holly berries! Holly berries and muted winter greens are bold and festive against the formalwear of your groomsmen and groom. Try something unique by creating your own boutonnieres out of mini pinecones and rustic materials that introduce a cozy, comforting element to your big day.

After all, some of the best moments during the holidays are fireside moments!

Get guests excited for your holiday celebration with carefully crafted cards!

Go creative with both your invitations and save the dates and bring the true spirit of Christmas to the foreground. Create a mock Christmas card as your invitation or have minuscule details adorning them that evoke the seasonal atmosphere.

Some ideas are

  • Garlands
  • Pops of red berries
  • Sparkles/snow
  • Evergreen boughs and trees
  • Muted greens and neutral florals

All these details are great ways to gear your guests up for an unforgettable night of the wedding (and holiday!) themed festivities!

Embrace the Festive in your Festivities

Sure, it gets colder during the holidays, but don’t let that bring down the warmth of your big day! Use the chilly weather to your advantage with sentimental signs, favors, and more at your reception. Take the “Baby, it’s cold outside,” theme and run wild with it the whole night.

Use bits from your favorite holiday classics and incorporate them into dessert or dinner phrasing. Name your signature cocktail after the cold and really play up the dichotomy of warm and cold on your day!

Dreamy Details

Weddings are all about the details. The decorations and the color schemes and the pre-planned moments. When it comes to décor, winter is one of the best times to bring nature inside. Carefully selected pine tree leaves will create a festive and fragrant atmosphere for your guests. In fact, if they aren’t feeling Christmassy before your reception starts, there is no way of escaping it with tables and pillars beautifully adorned with the colors of the season!

Change up the place settings

When it comes to creating a table setting, there is so much you can do to personalize your wedding. Many places go with traditional charger plates and white dishes. However, you can take your festivities up a notch by incorporating Christmas china into your reception. These plates are a warm and inviting way that allows your guests to reminisce about past holidays and enjoy this special holiday dinner celebrating your big day!

In addition to making sure the table settings are appropriately themed, consider going the extra mile with the place cards! Use available wintery materials, such as pinecones, to hold your guests' place cards or table numbers. It introduces both a holiday and rustic element to your overall décor.

Let them eat cake!

But make sure it’s frosted! A frosted cake that includes berries and powdered sugar has all the signs of a festive wedding day. Work with your baker to get the trendy naked cake look and stick to a white frosting with pops of color on the top from natural elements, such as berries, sprigs of pine, or pinecones.

Incorporating both traditional and modern elements into your big day gives way to creating new holiday traditions while recognizing a place for those that have always been in place.

Warm-up with winter-inspired Beverages

Baby, it really is cold outside! But you’ll be able to keep guests warm and toasty with carefully thought out beverage options. Make it something special and offer cozy favorites such as apple cider, hot chocolate, lattes, and eggnog.

Bring all the favorites of the holiday season to your guests and make it a cozy celebration.

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

Ditch the spoon on the glass when you need to grab someone’s attention during the reception. Forget the sparkler send-off, it’s been done time and time again. Opt for something even more festive by providing handheld jingle bells for guests to grab your attention during your reception.

Jingle bells are festive, fun, and a unique item to incorporate into your plans. Plus—they can double as a fun gift for guests to bring home!

…In a One-Horse Open Sleigh?

Maybe it’ll have two horses. Maybe not. Either way, for a final touch of magic, consider opting into a sleigh ride send off! If your reception offers the room and environment capable of a sleigh ride post-wedding, go for it! This final, beautiful touch will send you and your partner off into your life as a couple in a final moment of festivity!

What about other holidays?

When most people consider a “holiday wedding”, they are talking about the magic of Christmastime. In fact, most winter weddings can be easily transformed into the holiday wedding of your dream. But, what about the other holidays?

Here are some ideas if your favorite holiday falls outside the realm of “the holiday season”.

  • For a fourth of July inspired wedding aim for patriotic colors, bring in some bomb-pop inspired treats, and consider ending the reception with a bang—your own private fireworks show!
  • Halloween your favorite holiday? Consider getting really fun and making it a costume night! Go for a classy approach and have a masquerade-inspired evening. Use hints of black throughout your décor or go more autumn-inspired with pumpkins, gourds, and leaves!
  • Maybe you come from a family who is religious and loves the sentiment behind Easter. Pastels, egg-inspired décor, and simple, understated tones would be the perfect backdrop for your Spring wedding!

When it comes to planning a day that is extra-magical, there is nothing stopping you from enjoying both your wedding and a holiday! Holiday-inspired weddings add a dash of enchantment to an already momentous occasion.

Have you ever been to a holiday-themed wedding? We would love to hear all about it!

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