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The Most Stunning Bridal Hairstyles We’ve Seen This Year

Your wedding hair is a major part of your beauty look on the big day. It’s a great way to complement the beautiful dress you’ve picked out, let your personality shine, and enhance your overall vision. Your bridal hairstyle shouldn't deviate too far from your everyday preferences, whether you go with romantic waves, edgy trends, or bold braids. Elevate your style with an extra boost of confidence while choosing hair looks that will also keep you comfortable on your wedding day.

If you are a "flip your head and blow dry" type of bride, you are in luck this year. Many elegant minimalist styles are trending, from natural curls to tousled chignons. Best of all, these looks are timeless and will be just as stunning years from now as they are today.

Are you going for a more glam vibe? We've got gorgeous hairstyles for you too, with polished coifs accented with pearls, bows, and elegant hair accessories. We’ve narrowed down some of our favorite bridal hairstyles of the year; scroll through for hair inspiration you can’t wait to share with your stylist.

Embrace your natural texture

Photo Credit: Rodrigo Feksa, Pexels

Embrace Your Natural Texture

Over the last few years with the pandemic, many went months without visiting a hair salon. This led to a lot of low-maintenance looks that embraced natural hair textures. Luckily, this trend has stuck around, and brides are all about that natural beauty this year.

Now is the time to put down the relaxer and rock those curls. Nourish your hair before your big day with biotin nutrients and hair oil to reduce frizz. Complete the look with a side part and a headband or barrettes.

Try an Understated Ponytail

It doesn’t get much simpler than a ponytail, but we’re not talking about the type you wear to the gym. Keep your wedding hair soft and voluminous yet understated with this popular option. From wispy, low ponytails to sleek, high ponytails, this is a major trend you’ve probably seen on your TikTok feed.

This hairstyle pairs incredibly well with minimalistic brides wearing jumpsuits, capes, or more contemporary style dresses. It’s a sophisticated hairdo that’ll let you enjoy every moment of your wedding, from the ceremony to dancing the night away in complete comfort. Plus, it’s perfect for any weather, even the most humid climates.

Try an understated ponytail

Photo Credit: Tamara Bellis, Unsplash

Wear Flowers in Your Hair

Nothing captures natural beauty quite like placing fresh-cut flowers in your hair. It’s the perfect touch for woodland, boho, or garden weddings and can be added to nearly any hairstyle.

We love seeing flower garlands woven between loose braids or bold floral crowns fit for a queen. Choose flowers that match your arrangements and bouquets, and ask your florist to secure the blooms to bobby pins in advance. Store them in a fridge or spritz them with water for an extra lasting effect.

Opt for Less Structure

Forget the structured, uniform curls of the past and lean into more effortless, bohemian hairstyles. These airy, laid-back looks are having a moment. Some of the most popular options are beachy waves with small twists or a loose fishtail braid.

Rather than a tight, perfectly coifed chignon, go for a relaxed updo that looks less intentional. Pull a few pieces out along the hairline for more of a “messy” boho style. This works great for beach or destination weddings and will keep the focus on you and your stunning wedding dress.

Opt for less structure

Photo Credit: Devon Devine, Unsplash

Have Fun with Braids

This season, braids are everywhere, from ‘90s-inspired thin twists to popular fishtails or bold halos. Whichever style you prefer, now is a great time to go bold and get creative with braids. Here are some of our favorites:

Bubble Braids:

Channel your inner princess Jasmine with a look that’s taken over your social media feeds. It’s perfect for a bride with thick, long hair or if you want to go all-out and give this look a try with voluminous clip-in extensions. This fun hairstyle is part ponytail, part braid with "bubbles" held by elastic ties that run down its entire length.

Bubble Braid

Photo Credit: Kimson Doan, Unsplash

Halo Braids:

This next ‘do is fit for a goddess with Dutch or French braids that are pinned to form a halo crown around your head. This ethereal look is stunning during any season and perfect when combined with interwoven greenery or fresh flowers in your hair.

Side-Swept Fishtails:

Do you want a chic, laid-back hairstyle? Fishtail braids look very intricate but are not that hard to achieve. Sweep this boho style to the side for an easy-to-maintain wedding day look that’s dreamy and romantic.

‘90s Strands:

Rock the ‘90s throwback hairstyle that so many celebrities were wearing at Coachella this year. Wear your hair straight and loose with small, braided strands throughout. Elevate this look by wrapping strands into a loose updo or half-up style.

Show off long locks

Photo Credit: Jonathan Borba, Unsplash

Show Off Your Long Locks

Today, more and more brides are opting to let their hair down and skip the updos. Many are going low-key with chic blowouts that highlight their gorgeous locks. The key to achieving this look is to get a great haircut and color before your wedding and use extensions for volume or length if you need to.

Ask for a layered cut to balance your hair shape and highlight your face in wedding photos. Are you looking for a super modern finish? Go for that wet hair look with extra shiny strands and accessorize with well-placed pearls or crystals down your part.

Get Glam with Hair Accessories

Brides are bringing the glam with statement hair accessories from Vee halos to headbands and blingy barrettes. Veils are also getting the custom treatment with embroidery, fringe, sequins, appliques, pearls, etc. these days.

‘90s trends continue with butterfly and rose adorned hair accessories in high demand. There’s never been a better time to get creative with your hair using bows, ribbons, or strands of sparkling crystals or pearls. Interweave these stunning accessories into your bridal hairstyle for a bold look that’ll have all eyes on you.

Another big trend is to wear multiple barrettes for a contemporary look or sprinkle crystals, beads, or metallic confetti in your hair. There’s no better way to send the message that you’re ready to celebrate.

Prefer a more traditional hair accessory? Regal tiaras worthy of Bridgerton fame are also popular this year. Choose from thin gold bands, opulent jeweled pieces, or an Alice band that’ll keep your hair out of your face.

Hair accessories

Photo Credit: Tamara Govedarov, Unsplash

Keep it Centered

At first, the center part was a surefire way to tell Millennials apart from their Gen-Z counterparts, but now this flattering hair part is being embraced by people of all ages. It has even beat out the side part for bridal hairstyles this year.

This look is best for brides with heart-shaped, oval, or elongated faces and adds symmetry to any hairdo. So, grab a comb and test-drive your middle part. Contrast that sharp line with beachy waves or loose braids, and top it off with a cathedral veil for some added drama.

Up the Romance with Tousled Updos

If updos are more your thing, that's okay, go for it! Rather than styles sculpted with tons of hairspray, refresh this classic look with a more relaxed, loose take. It’s a fabulous choice for brides who prefer to keep their hair out of their face and don’t want to deal with extensions or high-maintenance styles. Here are some of the most popular bridal updos this year:

Twisted Updos:

This fun updo works with any hair type or color. Best of all, it’s meant to look a little imperfect. Combine the French twist with a side part, add some root lift, or even rock some wispy bangs. Or, add a little flair with two twists, one from each side of your face, and pin them in the middle. Let a few pieces out to frame your face, and pull the twists open for extra volume.

Low Chignons:

This versatile hairstyle will last throughout your wedding day and looks great with lots of different bridal attire, from jumpsuits to ballgowns. Ask your stylist to add volume by loosening some of the hair at the base, so it’s still be secure but more tousled than tight.

stunning chignon

Photo Credit: Omer Karakus, Unsplash

High Ballet Buns:

Try this classic, sleek style that pairs perfectly with high necklines, silk dresses, or low backs. Add some shine spray and a tiara or Alice band for a chic and timeless bridal look. This hairstyle also looks great with bangs and natural curls.

Let Loose with Mermaid Waves

Liberate your locks with this enchanting and relaxed hair-down style that’s become the quintessential bridal look. Go with beachy waves for a tropical destination wedding or for more refined old Hollywood waves during an elegant catered affair.

Part your waves in the middle for that Santa Barbara chill vibe, or follow your eyebrow’s arch if you prefer a side part. Ask for clip-in extensions and a pearl halo or a strand of gems to complete this beautiful bridal look.

Consider the season, your wedding venue and dress, and the overall vibe you want when selecting a bridal hairstyle. Go with the coif you love that will keep you looking and feeling great, and you are sure to have stunning hair on your wedding day!

mermaid waves

Photo Credit: Averie Woodard, Unsplash

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